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Introducing the MaxLi Lithium battery and why you shouldn’t charge your Lithium batteries below 0°C?

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Introducing the MaxLi Lithium battery and why you shouldn’t charge your Lithium batteries below 0°C?
Latest company news about Introducing the MaxLi Lithium battery and why you shouldn’t charge your Lithium batteries below 0°C?

If you have a Lithium (LiFePO4) battery, there are some crucial things to consider when charging at temperatures below:

Lithium battery sales often state an operational temperature range of -20°C to +55°C (this varies depending on brand and model). One of the main misconceptions with this is that it is often misconstrued as a safe temperature range for both charging and discharging, however this is not the case, as the operational temperature range is referring purely to discharging the battery only.

Charging a Lithium battery in temperatures below 0°C must be avoided unless your battery is equipped to do so ( a compensating charger), as it may potentially damage the battery and reduce its lifespan.


When attempting to charge a Lithium battery below 0°C / 32°F a chemical reaction called “Lithium Plating” occurs which is caused by the charge current forcing the lithium ions to move at a faster reaction rate than usual and accumulate on the surface of the anode.

When this chemical reaction occurs the internal resistance of the battery increases, which can have big consequences when linked in series or parallel connections. As well as this, another side effect to the chemical reaction is it reduces the rate of the chemical metabolism and causes a permanent reduction of the battery’s capacity. This will continue to reduce further each time this reaction occurs.

The MaxLi has a battery management system that can monitor your battery’s temperature – an invaluable tool in marine, leisure, vehicle conversions & cold weather applications. With the touch of a button you can see what the standing temperature of your battery is and therefore whether it is safe to charge.

How does our Lithium battery with heating function work on the‘Sub Zero’?

The process of heating and charging is automatically controlled by the BMS and the heating element embedded within the battery and takes roughly 30 minutes to change the temperature from -20°C to 0°C. Once the battery temperature reaches 0°C the charging starts immediately and once the temperature rises to +10°C the heating element stops and continues with the charging.

1.Can be charged at temperature down to -20°C for cold weather use (sub Zero version)

2.Can be linked in series to achieve 12V, 24v, 36v & 48V arrays

3.150Amp high output current for driving high-powered devices

4.350Amp Peak Discharge for current surges

5.Detachable upper cover and replaceable BMS, designed specifically to reduce the cost of maintenance

6.Embedded BMS which can prolong the battery life and guarantee batteries safety

7.Sleep mode for reducing energy consumption and prolonging the shelf life

8.Dual terminal design for easier installation and better heat dissipation

9.IP54 protection level for ensuring battery remains unaffected by water under specified conditions

10.Compact size ensures easy installation even in limited space

More information, please feel free to contact us at: Liz@maxlibattery.com or whatsapp: +86 138 2338 3063.

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