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Replacing Lead Acid battery to Lithium / LiFePO4 Batteries

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Replacing Lead Acid battery to Lithium / LiFePO4 Batteries
Latest company news about Replacing Lead Acid battery to Lithium / LiFePO4 Batteries

More power – up to 50% more than a managed lead battery to prevent diminished life. Regardless of the load, lithium provides virtually all the available power at a constant voltage no slow fade out.


Ultra-long life, several thousand cycles are possible. Lead batteries fail prematurely when they operate in deficit for long periods. If left partially charged or discharged, failure is even quicker. Lithium batteries do not need to be fully charged. Service life even improves in case of partial charge.


Highly efficient. (99%) Especially off-grid solar energy. Efficiency is extremely important. A discharge from 100% to 0% and back to 100% of an average lead-acid battery less than 80%. The efficiency of a Lithium 96%. Lead batteries become especially inefficient from above the 80% charge. Over several days, such losses can compound to worse than 50% in losses or worse in systems where batteries are operating between 70% to 100% charged state. In contrast, lithium’s achieve over 90% efficiency, even under shallow charge/discharge cycles.


Fast charging time – lower resistance. Lead batteries have an increasing resistance as they take on charge, resulting in longer charge cycles. Lithium’s do not suffer with this increasing resistance meaning they stay in a constant current (bulk charge) phase for most of the charge duration leading to a naturally faster charge cycle. This is particularly significant when comparing the last 30% of the charge of a lead Acid battery.


Around 30-40% lighter – reduced axle weight creating increased load carrying capacity.


Orientation in any direction. We use 32700 type premium cylindrical cells which can be orientated in any position, even upside down. This is especially advantageous in confined areas such as under seats of cupboards. Many lead batteries and cheaper prismatic cells can only be orientated standing.


Abuse proof, our lithium’s switch off in the case of over charge or under charge conditions, or attempted charge at low temperature (super series)


Environmentally Friendly – There are no poisonous heavy metals or environmentally damaging chemicals in lithium iron phosphate batteries. In contrast lead batteries are toxic to all life and lead pollution is damaging to the environment. The simple fact that lithium significantly outlast lead batteries result in a reduction of repeat manufacturing and recycling. Hence there is a dramatic reduction in the products carbon footprint.

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